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We’re Rooting for You! At MV Salads, we hold kindness as a guiding principle. Kindness to our Island and planet, kindness to our team and our community, and of course, kindness to our guests. Here, you will find heart-healthy, made to order salads featuring the freshest island-grown produce and locally caught seafood. Try Susanna’s signature “MV The Dressing”, which is also available by the bottle. House crafted tea infusions and fruit coolers refresh while reducing the carbon footprint that canned and bottled options would bring. Our apparel line was created with an eye on comfort and style. A curated selection of salad and island related retail items lets you bring the flavor of kindness home, whether that’s on or off Martha’s Vineyard.

Bringing a fun and healthy food experience to Martha’s Vineyard!

Susanna lives in West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard and has been long known for her famous salad dressing – a personal recipe she concocted 30 years ago that friends and family relentlessly urged her to bottle and produce. Finally she agreed and “MV the Dressing” was born – along with the realization that the island was in dire need of more nutritious, locally-sourced food options. Although her background was in design (not the food service industry), she took on the challenge of bringing the island its first salad shop that would serve only the freshest, tastiest ingredients from local farms, focus on sustainability, and spread kindness. In 2019 she opened MV Salads-the shop that serves a fun and healthy experience with every meal.


Diet Veg Friendly
Year established2019

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