Be Ahimsa

What is Ahimsa?

Ahimsa, a cardinal virtue embraced by diverse cultures and peoples, embodies the universal principles of compassion and non-violence. It acknowledges that every living being possesses a divine Soul. Hence, we advocate for abstaining from inflicting unwarranted harm upon others and ourselves. Our guiding motto is to “Be Ahimsa” through our thoughts and actions.

What is Ahimsabnb?

Ahimsabnb functions as a platform that aids in linking hosts and guests, simplifying the process of listing properties, places, and services while incorporating bookings and reviews. Our online platform is committed to fostering a sense of community, providing opportunities, facilitating exchange, and ensuring fairness for everyone involved.

1. Security & Freedom

With careful planning and expert support, limitless possibilities emerge. Security and freedom harmonize, empowering individuals to pursue their adventures unhindered by perceived limitations.

2. Health & Compassion

Compassion and well-being are intertwined. A kind heart fosters physical health, while a healthy body nurtures compassion. Choosing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is a positive step towards personal well-being and a peaceful world.

3. Knowledge & Humility

While everyone desires knowledge, humility is crucial in its pursuit. Those who obtain knowledge embrace humility, recognizing that learning and application are perpetual endeavors.

4. Beauty & Simplicity

The extraordinary arises from simplicity. Embracing this notion, we can craft living spaces and their surroundings, each infused with distinct character and charm. All the resources we require are already within our grasp. Let us prioritize simplicity and beauty, for it is simplicity that epitomizes true sophistication.

5. Organization & Creativity

Creativity entails generating exceptional, innovative, and refined solutions. Balancing creativity and organization may seem daunting, yet their fusion yields remarkable outcomes. Employing systematic brainstorming methods can work wonders and produce miracles.

6. Love & Strength

Love encompasses genuine connections among people and entities. Through these connections, we become prepared to share both joys and burdens, leading to a sense of empowerment and the ability to accomplish anything. Love conquers all, while strength keeps us united.

7. Respect & Courage

Friendships are forged through respect, while self-respect is cultivated through courage. When we make sacrifices for our cherished principles and ideas, our self-respect grows. Responding with dignity and treating others respectfully can be seen as the pinnacle of human expression.

8. Resourcefulness & Happiness

True happiness stems not from material possessions, but from the presence of people in our lives, coupled with our resourcefulness. Embracing the gift of life and sharing its remarkable moments with others can bring us far greater joy than mere accumulation of wealth and riches.

9. Prosperity & Generosity

There is a giver who receives more, and a withholder who loses. Generosity holds the key to prosperity. Here, we share from our hearts and kind sentiments. True abundance is attained through sincerity and generosity, refraining from withholding more than what is just.


The following choices are required for each listing on Ahimsabnb.

➾ 100% Vegetarian

Food based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and dairy products. It also includes vegan dairy alternatives. Meat of any kind, fish or eggs, is not allowed.

➾ 100% Vegan

Plant-based foods only, excluding all foods of animal origin, such as meat, milk, cheese, and yogurt. All animal products are strictly prohibited.

➾ Vegetarian Friendly

We welcome hosts or guests who are willing to try a more vegetarian diet but may not be entirely vegetarian. For hosts, please make sure to set your listings as Vegetarian Friendly and make sure to mention that you are ready to offer some type of veg options to your guests.

➾ Vegan Friendly

We welcome hosts or guests who are willing to try a more vegan or vegetarian diet but may not be entirely vegan. For hosts, please make sure to set your listings as Vegan Friendly and make sure to mention that you are ready to offer some type of veg options to your guests.

➾ No Food

When food is not available, served, and the kitchen is not open for cooking. Hosts may also set their rules for Guests regarding food consumption and cooking.


All guests and hosts are expected to respect and abide by the Ahimsabnb guidelines regarding food consumption and the use of kitchen facilities.


Hosts are required to adhere to the selection they have made while listing their property. If a host cannot offer a “100% Vegan” or “100% Vegetarian” experience, they have the option to choose “Veg Friendly” or “No Food” and ensure that they can provide basic vegetarian options to guests when serving food. Guests will value the host’s commitment to The Ahimsa Way options, ensuring a stress-free stay.


Ahimsabnb enforces Guests to adhere to the rules and requests set forth by the Host in their listings, while also emphasizing respect for local customs. Hosts are expected to provide detailed instructions in their listings. If food is not provided at the accommodation, Guests are advised to communicate with their host beforehand to understand any rules, requirements, or customs related to food consumption or kitchen usage. The specific rules and requirements established by the Host can be found in their listing.

Eco Sustainability

The following positive environmental impact options are available for all listings.

➾ Waste Management

Living in a throwaway society means that there is a great deal of waste and waste damages the planet. By reducing waste, reusing and recycling items, a reduction in items ending up in landfill is achieved along with a reduced need for replacement products.

➾ Energy Conservation

Everyone benefits by reducing energy usage and the simplest way to do this is by insulating homes to a high standard and use high efficiency heating appliances. Some people go further and opt for the use of heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines or wood fired heating systems although the latter is rather controversial being a high emitter of carbon dioxide whilst remaining carbon neutral and 100% renewable.

➾ Tree Planting

Deforestation is a major cause of greenhouse gas increase and the world needs more trees. Tree felling should only be carried out in ethically managed woodlands and timber products should have suitable certification such as that provided by the FSC.

➾ Pollution Prevention

In addition to avoiding atmospheric pollution, water pollution should also be prevented and any potentially damaging products avoided.

➾ Impact of Travel

Traveling is a major contributor to harmful emissions and low emission vehicles should be used although even electric cars have some impact as their energy originates from power stations. Walking or cycling is best or using public transport or car sharing schemes. Air flights are huge polluters and should be avoided at all costs.

➾ Energy Efficient

Using energy efficient products is better for the environment and also makes sound financial sense.

➾ Local Produce

Locally produced food reduces the need for packaging and transport. Growing your own is even better.

➾ Litter Management

Litter is bad for wildlife both on land and sea so litter avoidance and removal is good practice.

➾ Recycled Products

Recycling is a great idea but depends on consumers buying recycled products.

➾ Recycling

Before throwing an item away, consider recycling it. There are some great recycling sites online, the best known being ‘Freecycle’, where old items may find new homes and upcycling old items can also be great fun.



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