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Trust is vital to a marketplace that functions. With secure payments, fraud protection, and genuine reviews for both hosts and guests, we ensure all the members our community can always stay and rent with confidence when using our platform.


Ahimsabnb uses proven methods to protect the safety of its members. We use the latest technology to authenticate members whenever possible, and that includes payment protection and mediation. We take your safety very seriously.

Account protection

We take all the necessary steps required to safeguard your Ahimsabnb account, such as login location verification and personal ID verification of hosts and guests. A strong verification system that serves everyone well.

Secure payments

Our platform ensures hosts receive their money timely and securely, and that is the reason why we advise you to always pay through Ahimsabnb’s platform and never make financial transactions outside the platform.

Scam prevention

As long as you communicate, book, and pay directly through the Ahimsabnb website, your transactions are safe, giving you peace of mind. By staying in the platform, you are protected by our proactive security technology.

Verified Profiles

Each host and guest on Ahimsabnb has a profile to help build trust and safety on the platform. Whether you are booking or hosting, you will be asked to provide Ahimsabnb with details such as complete name, email address, date of birth, phone number, and payment information.

Private Messaging

Our secure messaging system helps you get to know a host or guest and ask questions about a listing in advance. After a reservation is booked, you can also use it to exchange messages to coordinate check-in, directions, and to ask or answer questions.

Trusted Reviews

Guests and hosts can review and rate each other. Other users’ experiences will help you determine if a listing or a booking request is a fit for you. Reviews and ratings are proven methods that help you decide about an upcoming trip or about hosting someone.

Community Standards

Ahimsabnb creates a place where everyone can participate, and that requires a good foundation of trust and expectations of host and guest behaviour. We have established these Community Standards to be clear about the expected behaviour and conduct of our members. We believe these standards will help bind the community with a common understanding and they are meant to promote and protect the interest of everyone.

The following standards—Safety, Security, Fairness, Authenticity, and Reliability—are at the core of our efforts to help ensure safety and foster unity within our community. We are constantly working to make sure sure they are adhered to, upheld and enforced. At Ahimsabnb, we facilitate a symbiotic positive experience for our hosts and guests.

➾ 1. Safety

Ahimsabnb members’ experience starts from the moment they enter our site eager for adventure and ready to create great memories. That’s only possible when a user trusts that our community is safe. The safety of our members is paramount, so causing any harm to yourself or others is prohibited and will leave you legally liable. Therefore, we require that you refrain from being involved in unsafe and/or unkind behavior at all times.

1A: Harming yourself or others

Our users are expected not to commit physical or sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, robbery, human trafficking, other acts of violence, or hold anyone against their will. Ahimsabnb will cooperate with law enforcement requests in responding to valid law enforcement requests to help promote and maintain order and peace.

Things like suicide, self-injury, eating disorders, and hard drug abuse are taken seriously by Ahimsabnb, and we are ready to assist people in crisis to live a normal and happy life.

1B: Threatening anyone

You should never communicate an intent to harm anyone by your words, physical actions or in any other form. At Ahimsabnb, we threats to others or self-harm seriously, and we may take action and intervene when we become aware of it.

1C: Creating hazardous situations

Never keep unsecured weapons, disease risks, or dangerous animals, and do not create conditions that increase the chances of a fire or that would prevent escape. Interaction that is deemed harmful between members is not tolerated and may result in the suspension or termination of a user’s account.

➾ 2. Security

Members of the Ahimsabnb community are sharing their homes, neighborhoods, and experiences. Whether you are opening your home as a host or visiting as a guest, you should feel secure and protected. Therefore, everyone is expected to respect others’ property, information, and personal belongings, and we also expect and require everyone to have polite interactions.

2A: Theft, vandalism, or extortion

Ahimsabnb members are not allowed to take or use other’s property without their permission, make copies of others’ keys or documents, damage property, or remain in the property after the booking time has expired. No member should threaten anyone with bad ratings or harm in order to try to get compensation or benefits.

2B: Spam, phishing, or fraud

For everyone’s protection, transactions outside the Ahimsabnb’s payment system should not be made. No one should commit or attempt to commit booking fraud, credit card fraud, or money laundering. There should not be any marketing of unrelated products, diverting of payments meant for others, or making false claims against other members of the community. Violation of these standards may lead to immediate suspension or termination of the account.

2C: Violating others’ privacy or intellectual property rights

Do not engage in spying on others. Cameras are not allowed in your listing unless they are previously disclosed and visible. Cameras are strictly prohibited in private areas (such as bathrooms or sleeping areas). Members shall not access other’s accounts without authorization and should not violate other’s privacy, copyrights, or trademarks. Members should not use, break into or go through others’ property (such as luggage and private belongings), and no one should attempt to enter or break into areas that are purposefully locked.

➾ 3. Fairness

Ahimsabnb is comprised of a global community that is distinct for the principles of fairness that bond us together. It helps make it possible for us to develop trust for one another, be inclusive members of world communities, and give us a sense of togetherness.

3A: Discriminatory behavior

We expect you to treat everyone with respect, in a professional and courteous manner in every interaction; adhere to all applicable laws and not treat others differently because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, gender, disability, or serious diseases. Personal choices that do not negatively affect others should remain private. Humiliating others in any way is also not accepted behavior.

3B: Bullying or harassing others

Do not share personal information that would embarrass or threaten others, nor should you use any information to blackmail others. Do no treat others with offensive behaviour, defame others, or disobey Ahimsabnb’s Community Standards. Bullying of any kind is strictly forbidden.

3C: Disturbing the surrounding community

Do not disturb common spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens, outdoor areas. You should not treat neighbors with disrespect, create a nuisance for those around you, or persistently fail to respond to raised concerns when using Ahimsabnb, during, before, and after a stay or experience.

➾ 4. Authenticity

At Ahimsabnb, we want your experiences to be full of pleasant memories and adventure. Because our community’s foundation is based on trust, authenticity is an essential element, as it encompasses a balance of mutual expectations, genuine interactions, and accurate information.

4A: Misrepresenting yourself

As a guest or host, you should not provide an incorrect name or date of birth, utilize a listing for commercial purposes without your host or property owner’s authorization, organize events or parties without your host’s permission, create duplicate accounts, or create an account if you are under 18 years of age.

4B: Misrepresenting your spaces

Do not provide incorrect location information, have erroneous availability dates, deceive others about the type of place you are hosting with wrong details in the listing, exchange one listing for another, or set up inaccurate or invalid listings, leave misleading or incorrect reviews, participate in false pricing schemes, or fail to communicate hazards and the current habitability status of your property.

4C: Experiences that are merely transactions

Ahimsabnb is a medium to enable people to share their homes and have great experiences. We envision that every listing is not just a financial transaction, but a place where everyone can participate and have great life experiences. Ahimsabnb’s objective is to facilitate and promote individual material and spiritually growth, and we also hope to be an all-around platform model for practical inspiration for all participating members like you.

➾ 5. Reliability

Every Ahimsabnb experience is unique and each detail specific to a home, a neighborhood, and a host. Since our community makes commitments based on these details, we have to be able to trust each other’s reliability–whether it be in timely communication, the condition of the home, or in the expectations we set.

We want to ensure that each Ahimsabnb experience is special and that all detailss specific to a home, a neighborhood or a host are accurate and reliable. Our community exists because of commitments made based on these details. Therefore, we have to be able to trust each other and our collective and individual reliability–be it in timely communication responses, the condition of the property, and overall expectations.

5A: Providing uninhabitable spaces

Do not offer spaces with inadequate cleanliness or undisclosed shortage of running water or electricity. Avoid providing spaces that are not properly tested and fit for sleeping, that are not stable for the duration of the stay (e.g., moving boats, tree house on a windy location), or inadequate access to dedicated restroom facilities on location.

5B: Breaking commitments

Notwithstanding extenuating circumstances, do not cancel after the deadline set by the host in cancellation policies. Make sure check-in of your guests is straightforward. Do not fail to make a payment and do not break the host’s house rules. Hosts are expected to be very upfront, clear, and specific about their house rules in their listing.

5C: Being unresponsive

You should not have persistently and pervasively low ratings, be unresponsive during booking or throughout a stay, fail to provide an adequate point of contact for hosting, or refuse to participate in our resolution process.

Do not maintain persistently low ratings, be unclear during the booking process or during a stay or experience, fail to provide a satisfactory point of contact or direction to the location, or refuse to partake in our resolution process. If any issues arise that cannot be resolved with the host or guest, members shall immediately contact Ahimsabnb for guidance or assistance.

We are here to help.

Our customer support team is standing available to help you anytime with any issues or question you may have. If you need anything, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.



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