Being a great host!

At Ahimsabnb all sorts of accommodations can be made available. Whether it’s a beach house, an air mattress, a ranch, a guest house, a treehouse, or even a tent, follow the steps below to start hosting your place with Ahimsabnb.

Step 1 ➟ Create your listing

The first step is to create a customized and eye-catching listing for your guests.

Your potential guests will want to see where they will be staying: what the room looks like, the special features of the place, the view, whether there is a fancy clawfoot bath or anything else you are ready to share. Guests rely heavily on the photos you provide because in most cases they will not be able to see your in real life until they arrive. Make sure to post good quality, high resolution, bright, and clear photos. You may upload as many photos as you like.

Provide as much detailed information about the accommodation. In this way, the guests can learn about where they will be staying and what kind of amenities to expect.


Describe in detail what is being offered to your guests. They need to be able to read specifically what the bedroom, mattress, and showers are like. Be specific about your kitchen and about the food you provide, if you do.


The kitchen might be the most important part of certain accommodations apart from the bedroom. More specifically, kitchens are important for vegan and vegetarian guests, so make sure to give thorough information about your kitchen and its appliances. Make a list of all the utensils and appliances that are accessible for use by your guests. Additionally, you can write your own set of rules and regulations regarding the use of the kitchen.


We strongly suggest you check the services and facilities that are available with your accommodation. These features may include a vegetable garden, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi Internet, balcony, or TV. You can even share your favorite DVD collection or offer access to your book library. Additional features like these will surely spark the interest of your guests.

About you

Tell your guests a little about yourself. It helps develop trust and confidence before you even meet. You may write a bit about your story and what kind of guest you like to have over, your dietary preferences, and your personal preferences. Make sure to completely fill out your profile and have your ID verified with Ahimsabnb. Having a good photo of yourself, the host, helps build a connection and trust.

Location and nearby places

Travelers will want to know how to get to your place as well as how to get to interesting nearby places. In your listing try to include photos and information about nearby attractions. Your listing should include the transportation options in your neighboring areas for the convenience of your guests. This will leave everyone with the impression that you care about your guests and their experiences while staying at your place.

Special Services

You can offer a variety of dedicated services to your guests to ensure their pleasant stay, these services may include heath care, fitness, yoga classes, cooking demos or other services. You want your guests to leave with a positive, memorable experience. If there are costs involved with additional dedicated service make sure to list them as well. Be upfront about all of your costs, including third party services if needed. Currently, the payments and responsibility for these extra services are not handled by Ahimsabnb and transactions are dealt with locally after booking.


Describe your neighborhood as much as possible. Tell your guests what you like about the area you live in and the things they may enjoy seeing. Also, include information about things like important landmarks in the surrounding area, how hot or cold is it, etc.? Let your guests know the places they can go to within walking distance.

House Rules

Include any rules that your guests must abide by when staying at your home. Be sure to answer important questions like whether you allow smoking or pets, and if you have a specific check-in/check-out time.

Your listing must include a set of rules that the guest needs to follow while staying at your place. Make sure you check the typical questions, and always be very clear about your house rules and cancelation policy. Also, make sure to explicitly state the check-in and checkout times.

Security Deposit

For different reasons you may request your guests pay a refundable security deposit at the time of booking. These security deposit amounts are handled by Ahimsabnb, and they must be returned to the guest 24 hours after checkout.

We require that you share your permanent address with us privately via your profile. In your listing, you must include at least the city and country of your listing. Your complete address can be sent to guests after they have confirmed and paid for their booking, and these details will not be visible to anyone expect you and your guest. You may not want to share your complete full address in your public listing, as this will be visible to everyone who visits our website. So instead, use the city and country, or the name of your street or neighborhood name, so guests can make a basic assessment about the location of your accommodation before booking.

As the host, it is up to you to define how much you want to charge your guests. You can charge per night, per week, and even set custom weekend prices, or different prices for each day of the year. You are responsible for setting prices as well as being clear in advance about your cancelation policy.

In your listing settings, you can block certain days from your calendar as well as monitor the overall availability of your place, day by day.

Step 2 ➟ Respond to booking requests

Once your listing is complete, you may start getting booking requests or instant bookings from guests from all over the world. We have developed a user-friendly messaging system, where you can exchange messages with your future guests via our secure platform. Make sure to review your guest’s profiles and ask any questions from your potential guests. You must accept or reject booking requests within 48 hours.

Step 3 ➟ Welcome your guests

It’s time to receive your guests! Make sure your place is ready to receive guests and that you are available as well. Be courteous and helpful during their stay.

Step 4 ➟ Get paid

Ahimsabnb processes all booking payments before the arrival of your guests. As a host, you will have your payment deposited into your account within 24 hours of the arrival of your guest(s), or if you are charging your guests directly, you can deal with them directly however you wish.

Step 5 ➟ Write a review

Reviews are very important. After your guest leaves, please write a review of your experience. These reviews will be displayed on your guest’s profile so other hosts may take advantage of the information you shared in the future. Similarly, guests also have the opportunity to post a review for the host, which will be displayed under your listing reviews and profile. Ahimsabnb takes honest reviews very seriously.

Why host with Ahimsabnb?

Regardless what sort of home or room you want to share, Ahimsabnb makes it simple, secure, and straightforward for you to host guests. You’re in charge of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you engage with your guests.

Fun and simple way to make money

What a way to make new friends and make some money at the same time! You are in complete control of setting the price and house rules for you listing. You are also never obligated to rent your space, and you have complete freedom to choose the dates you want to host and receive guests.

Accept bookings with confidence

Ahimsabnb verifies all guests prior to allowing them to make a booking request. Furthermore, we have security checks in place that take the worry away so you can more easily decide whether you are confident about accepting booking requests. Ahimsabnb also makes the booking and payment process secure so you do not have to worry about receiving accurate and timely payments.

You’re in safe hands

We will never share your address or contact information without your permission. The only time it is made available is to your guests once they have confirmed their reservations. Only the name and information you set about yourself and your location will be shared in your listing. Because payments are processed by Ahimsabnb and are completed between Ahimsabnb and the host, there is an added level of personal security and privacy for all hosts.

Make friends from around the world

You will be meeting people from all walks of life, and it is a great opportunity to make great new friends. Enrich your life by opening your home to like-minded people, and have a great time doing it!

Offer additional services

It does not matter whether you are a painter, yoga teacher, wellness instructor or professional chef; hosts are free to offer their guests additional services to make their stay memorable and unforgettably great.


The Support Team at Ahimsabnb is promptly available to assist you with questions or anything you need. You can reach us anytime via our Customer Support system.



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