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Welcome to the awe-inspiring world of Ahimsabnb, the fantastical realm where vegans, vegetarians, and holistic rockstars unite like never before! Ahimsabnb is here to connect our lively tribe from around the world. As our community flourishes, Ahimsabnb grows with you, just like a sprout reaching for the sun.

Ahimsabnb, the haven for vegans and vegetarians worldwide, has been fully funded by our incredible community of compassionate souls. Now, we’re inviting you to join us on this journey. With your support, we can take this platform to new heights, expand its reach, and create an even more vibrant space for like-minded individuals. Together, we can accomplish extraordinary things and shape the future of compassionate travel. So, let’s stand united and make a difference. Donate today and be a driving force behind the magic of Ahimsabnb.

We are funded by you.

It’s amazing what you guys are trying to do. I never heard of anything like this before and actually think it was about time we all came together. Love the fact that it will be free and that the community itself can become involved to help make it happen.

I believe in sharing and collaboration, and that is what I think we should be doing.

It’s free!

We have made Ahimsabnb to be free, always free. No ads. No service fees. The perfect place for your business, organization, project, or idea.


Craft a beautiful and fully featured Internet platform for the community of vegans, vegetarians, and holistic practitioners around the world.


Facilitate and grow an environment for the financial independence of all members.


Foster a cool-headed atmosphere for learning, connecting, sharing, growing, and making friends.


Promote and encourage opportunity for local businesses and organizations.


We listen. Please share your dreams with us because only together we can build something great.

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