Earn money on your schedule.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or have an extra space to share, Ahimsabnb provides a flexible way to generate income. As a host, you can list your vegan or vegetarian-friendly property, whether it’s a spare room, an entire home, or even a unique eco-friendly retreat. Our platform allows you to set your own availability, pricing, and house rules, giving you full control over your hosting experience. By catering to the growing community of veggie-loving travelers, you can attract guests who share your values.

1. List your place

Start by adding a completely free listing of your eye-catching place. Potential guests will love when you post a listing with lots of photos and great descriptions of your place and neighborhood. Then just wait for guests to make booking requests.

2. Welcome your guests

Once your guests have contacted you, confirmed and paid for their booking, get ready to receive and host them. Use our internal messaging system to exchange information about their upcoming stay. Then just have a great time.

3. Earn money

Ahimsabnb will send you the money 24 hours after your guests have arrived. Provide your banking information and monitor your earnings and transfers from within your dashboard. Make sure to leave a review once your guests leave.

Custom Designed

Ahimsabnb was crafted with the main objective of satisfying the needs of the health-oriented, vegan, and vegetarian communities so they can share their homes and travel.

Secure Payouts

Hosts can feel at ease using our secure payout system. We make everything simple and secure, and guests won’t be sending money via insecure forms of payments.

Secure Bookings

Hosts are in control of their listings and bookings. They can determine how much to charge for their place and how they wish to manage their booking requests.

Affordable & Incredible

Travel does not need to be expensive to be the incredible experience you long for. We believe that it is not the amount of money spent that makes a trip special, but that the experience include a host who is kind, happy, and fair. We strive for a more compassionate world in every way.

Secure & Hassle-free

Security is very important, and it should not be overly complicated. By focusing on proven methods of prevention, verification, principles of security, awareness, and digital strategy, your trip and experience is destined to be adventurous and as hassle-free as possible.

Fun & Healthy

Good health is linked to what we eat, think, and feel. Good health gives us the energy we need to live well and to experience everything more vibrantly. We connect you with others around the world who share your desire for good health, a compassionate lifestyle, and a strong spirit through dietary choices.


Manage your listings, accounts, bookings, transfers, invoices, messages, and much more, all from within a beautiful and straightforward dashboard interface.

No Fees

Post unlimited listings for free with no booking fees. We can also help you by becoming your booking processor or you may take care of all transactions yourself.


Ahimsabnb is available to answer your questions every day of the week. We are here to help you. All you have to do is contact our Support Team.



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