Our story

As world travelers and dedicated hosts, we had noticed it was difficult to find readily available, affordable, and easy-to-rent places that would offer healthy meals catering our interests and lifestyle. Guests that would stay with us would also often ask about vegan or vegetarian meals, and this was a trend that existing online renting platforms were not addressing.

Ahimsabnb was conceived with the help of friends from around the world with similar views of what an ideal travel experience should be like. Our long-term success is grounded in our desire to keep listening to our members’ suggestions and feedback, ready to adapt and grow along this way. Ahimsabnb believes that together we can all have travel experiences that will stay with us forever.

Our mission

Ahimsabnb is focused on addressing the demands of the rapidly growing worldwide community of health conscious and compassionate hosts and travelers. With a platform that specifically caters to their requirements and principles, Ahimsabnb brings like-minded people together, while at the same time functioning as a bridge for those who are interested in coming into contact with a new, vibrant, delicious, and healthy lifestyle.

Ahimsabnb is more than just a rental platform, it is also a place of great adventure, learning, and personal growth. We help connect people from different countries and walks of life, bound together in the spirit and desire for a healthy and compassion-filled lifestyle.

Affordable & Incredible

Travel does not need to be expensive to be the incredible experience you long for. We believe that it is not the amount of money spent that makes a trip special, but that the experience include a host who is kind, happy, and fair. We strive for a more compassionate world in every way.

Secure & Hassle-free

Security is very important, and it should not be overly complicated. By focusing on proven methods of prevention, verification, principles of security, awareness, and digital strategy, your trip and experience is destined to be adventurous and as hassle-free as possible.

Fun & Healthy

Good health is linked to what we eat, think, and feel. Good health gives us the energy we need to live well and to experience everything more vibrantly. We connect you with others around the world who share your desire for good health, a compassionate lifestyle, and a strong spirit through dietary choices.


Leo & Anna are passionate travelers, lifelong veggie-lovers, and previously dedicated Airbnb Superhosts. Fueled by their shared values and a desire to create a more compassionate world, we joined forces with our kind patrons to start Ahimsabnb. Inspired by the principle of ‘ahimsa’, meaning non-violence and compassion towards all living beings, Ahimsabnb is a unique platform that caters specifically to vegan and vegetarian travelers. 

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