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Soami Retreat Center Stays

Millstatt, Austria

The Soami Retreat Center is based on the principles: health, clarity, naturalness and balance. Obermillstatt is, with the nearby Millstätter lake and the nature reserve Nockberge, the ideal place to live these principles.

High quality and natural materials such as bamboo, wood and glass, provide a pleasant indoor air. The Feng Shui philosophy is considered in the whole building. The tranquility of nature supports the daily yoga practice.

The SOAMI cuisine offers fresh and organic food for strengthening your body and mind. During your stay, there is also the opportunity to receive an individual nutritional counseling.

Several retreats teach how to eat correctly and which food will bring you out of balance.

For each style of yoga, we offer free selectable treatments. These treatments offer relaxation, detoxification and resolution of stagnation, the inner peace and self- healing.


Diet 100% Vegan
Property typeRetreat center
Stay typePrivate room
Place facilitiesAllergy friendly

Food & Kitchen

Meals 100% OrganicBreakfast upon requestDinner upon requestGlutten-free optionsLactose-free optionsLunch upon requestRaw food options

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